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You could be injured if lhe vehicles roll. Set Ihe parking hfiike firmly on each vehicle. Pul an

automatic Irma-axle in “1"" {Perl-cl ere. manual CAUTION“ lnmh'axle in “N" (Neutmll. An electrlc Ian can mart up “an whenflui High:

In no: nmnlng and can Injura you. Keep hands. clnmlng and male may from any underlined elect-in fan.

3. Turn off the ignition nn both vehicles. Turn off the radius and all lights that aren‘L needed. This will aveid sparks and 11pr save bath batteries. II could save your radio!

Find the posiliv: 1+} and negative [—_i terminals on

NOT'CE: each hauler}:

It you leave your radio on, it could he badly

damage-11111: repairs wouldn‘t he covered by your warranty.

4. Open the hoods and lncaile the batteries.

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