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Anti-Lack Brakes 1 A35]

Ynur Flu-ink has an advanced eiectronic braking 5:,- 51cm. that will heip prevent skidding.

ANTI (.) (.)


This light UT! lhr: inxlrumunt panel will g0 nn when yflu 5:311)!qu vahicia. _ _ _ _

_ Here H I'Lt'nw emit-lock works. Lei :1' bay 1h: mad lh' wul. When you start your vehicle and begin to drive away. Yuu'rc driVing “fifth: Suddenly an animal jumps out in _vnu may hear a momentary motor ur clicking nuiita. And {mm of wu. yuu may even notice That your brain-.- prdal march a iillie ' while this is gains on. This is; the ABS hysicm lasting itscit'. If there‘s a problem with the anii=luck brake system. Lhc anti-incl: brake system warning light will stag,- art.

You slam (In the brakes. Herc"; what happens; with ABS.

See "Anti-incl: Brake System Warning Lighl" in the influx.

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