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Braking action involves Ergptinn lime and reaction Lime. First. you have to decide to no sh on the brake pedal.

That' s W Then you have to bring up your foot and do it. That s LeastjothuJL

Average mammalian: is about 3M of a second. But that‘s only an average. It might be less with one driver and as long as two or three seconds or more with another. Age, physical condition. alertness.

coordination. and eyesight all play a part. So do alcohol.

drugs and frustration. But even in BM ol' :1 second, a vehicle moving at 60 mph “DU kmt'h} travels on Feet (20 at}. That could be a lot of distance in an emergency. so keeping enough space between your vehicle and others is important.

And. ol‘ course. actual stopping distances vary greatly with the surface of the road (whether it ’s pavement or grave”: the condition of the road (wet. dry. icy}: lire tread: and the condition of your brakes.


Avoid needless heavy braking. Some people drive in spurts v- heavy acceleration followed by heavy braking -- rather than keeping pace with traffic. This is a mistake. Your brakes may not have time to cool between hand stops. Your brakes will wear out much faster if you do a lot of heavy braking. If you keep pace with the traffic and allow realistic following distances. you will eliminate a. lot of unnecessary braking. That means better braking and longer brake life.

if your engine ever stops while you're driving. brake nonnaiiy but don't pump your brakes. If you do. the pedal may get harder to push down. If your engine stops, you will still have some power brake assist. But you will use it when you brake. Once the power assist is

used up, it may take longer to stop and. the brake pedal will be harder to posh.

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