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Defensive Driving

The [14:51 aiiviee anyone ean give ahnin driving in: Drive defeneivelv.

Pleexe Lian vvith a ver_v irnrlrn'tanl vafelj: :Ieviee in your Buick: Buekle up. IFiee “Safely Bella" in line Index:

Defensive driving really means “he read}- t'n-r anything."

On City streets. rural made. or Freen'avn. iI t'lilL'al'Lh "always. Expect the urie apeeted."


Assume Ilial pedevlnans nr ntherdrivers are gning tn he L‘HI'CICHH and make niiiitakeia. Anlieipale what they mlgl‘ll do. Be ready fur their mistakes.

Rear—end enllisirI-ns are about the mail preventable of accidents. Yet they are minmnn. Allow enough fallen-stag distance. It‘s the best defensive driving maneuver. in truth :in and rural driving. Ynu never know vi hen the vehicle in [rent er" you i: going to brake or [am suddenly.

Drunken Driving

Deaih and injurv avscieiiiled with drinking and driving is a national tragedy. it's-t the number l‘tnl: cnnlrihutnr to the highway death tnll. claiming thousands of victims every year. Alenhnl takes away three things that anyone needs to drive :1 vehicle:

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