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Tu Gel Uut uf Cruise Cunlrul

‘iir—Sg There an: Wm ways. [(1- Iurn Off lhc C'ruiw Cnnlml:

l. Slap lighlly on the brake pedal. OR

3. Hum: 1h:- Crulee .wvjtcll to "OFF.“

To Erase Spa-d Memory

When yum turn anthe Cruise Conlrol Dr lh: igniliun. your Cl'tllht: Cunlml hE‘I xpeed memory :3 armed.


Thehe HWilChCS cunlm] Ihr: following Iigl‘ll syhtcmx:

Q Headlights

6 Parking Lighls 5 Side Murkcrl.i1:_hl.~; . Taillights . LiL‘L‘l‘lHL‘ Plate Lights

6 Inslrumem Panel Lights Tn mm {In “1? headligllls. prcsh tin: switch \‘l'ilh the light symbol.

PTEh‘i-1ht'. MWHCII marked “P" lu mm m1 Ihe parking liphu.

Pram; "OFF” to turn {Il'l‘ull lights.

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