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Headlight High-Law Beam Windshield Wipers

Tn than gt: th‘ headlights

from inw beam In high or high in law. puil the turn

signal lever all ”if: way

ED 'luwurd 3.12m. Then release it.

= When lhc high beams are 35;; .5. 5;; [111.1i1ih' blur: lighter: [he - - - ;- WW" I

BRIGHT inslrumenl puma] also wit] 1 " Ii ' be on.


You unnlml [hL' windshield wipers by turning the build marked “WIPERI'

Far :1 single wiping cycle. turn the hand 1n ”MIST." Hqu il lhcrr: unIii the wipers start. then let gu. The u-‘ipcrl-i will stop after one cycle. If yr)“ want mare cyclcx, huld lhu hand on "MIST" longer.


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