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Torque Lock

If you are parking on a hill and you don't shift your transmit.- into "P” {Park} [:lt12r1:«3:rlgvr the weight of the vehicle may put loo much force on the pa rking pawl in the trensaxle. You may find it difficult to pull the shift lever out of“P" {Park}. This is called "torque Incl-t." To prevent torque lock. set the parking brake and then shift into “P" {Park} properly before you lea ve the driver's seal. To find out have. SEC "Shifting lnlu 'P' [Fat-k)” in the index.

When you are ready to drive. move the shift lever out of "P“ {Park} BEFORE you release the parking brake.

1f "torque leek” does oeeurr you. may need to have anulhcr vehicle push your: a little: uphill ll) lulu: some uf the pressure from the lransaxle. so you can pull the shift lever out of “P" [Perkin

Parking Over Things That Burn

'l'hlnna mat can burn could touch but otthmst parts under your vehicle and ignite. Don't pant

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