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O R lReverse}

Use this gear to back up.



hitting to "Fl" [Reverse]: while your vehicle le

moving forward could damage your lransaxle.


hllt to “Ft" only efteryrour vehicle to stopped.

To rock your vehicle hack and forth to get oul ofsnnw.


or sand without damaging your trunsaltle. see “If

You‘re Stuck: 111 Sand. Mud. It: or Snow" in the Index.


N [Neutrall

In this; position. your engine doesn‘t connect willt the whoclh'. Tu rcslurl when you've already moving, use 'N" {Neutral} only. MSG. LIE-E: "N" when your wiliclc is being towed.


Shilling out or “P" (Park: or “N" {Neutral} while your engine In "reclng" (runnlng at high spend] is dangeroue. Unloue your loot ls finnly on the brake pad”. Your vehicle could move very repldly. ‘l'ou could lose control and hlt people or objects. Don't chm out of 1‘F“ {PM} or "N“ {Rental} whlle the engine la racing.


Damage to your trans-axle caused by ehlftlng out of "P“ {Park} or “N“ {Neutral} with the engine racing isn‘t covered by your warranty.

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