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. If your engine won't aten'l tor etnm but Ilten elem). it could hi: flooded with too much gtteoiine. Try pushing your accelerator pudul til] the way to the floor and hnkling ii there an you hold the key in “Shirt" for uhtiul three HCL‘EJHLIFL. II' ”1;; car Home briefly but then stops again. do Ihe 5am: tiling. but

Ihlli time keep the pctlol [lawn I'nr five or six xeconde.

This. clean: the ewe gzieoline from the engine.


'i'our engine is deoig ned to work with Ihe electronles In your vehicle. It you add electrical parts or once eeories, you could change the way the luel Injection eyetem operates. Belore adding electrical equipment. check with your dealer. If

you don’t. your engine might not perform properly.

It you ever have to have your vehicle towed. see the part at this manual that tells how to do it with: ut demeglng your vehicle. See "Towing Your Buick" in the indent.

Driving Through Deep Standing Water


if you drIVe too quickly through deep puddles or standing water. water can come in through your

engine's air intake and badly damage your englne. It you can't avoid deep puddles or standing water, drive through them very slowly.

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