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Ignition Keg.r Pesititms

Wilh the ignitit’m key In llle igl‘tilmn \‘Wileh. yen can turn the switch to five pnxinnnn:

[Al Accessory An "rm" puniliun in which yen can operate lye-Ur electrical pnwer umennnrien. Fresh tn the ignittun wwiteh at. gnu Iurn the mp 01' it toward ynu.

IB] Lock: The nnly puttiliun in which gun can ternewe the key. This leek“. ynur steering wheel. ignition and trnnhnxie.

((2! UPI“: LJnIm-Ls the xteering wheel. ignition. and tmnsaxle. but due: not bend eleetrieul newer tn any uceewlries. Use this pesitien if your vehicle meet be pushed er towed. but never Ir_\.- 1:: push—elem yuur vehicle. A. warning chime will sound it'yeu open the driver's door when Ihe ignition 15 nfl'und The key is In the igntlltm.

Ill: Run: An "on" pmilitm In: which the switch returns H llfrr yen .I-lnt‘l ynllr engine and release the .nwileh. The switch nluyn in the ”Run" ptthninn when the engine is running. Bul even when the engine is not running. you can use “Run“ to operate freer Elt'L'll'iCill pnwer ttccennnrteh. and [H dinning; sin-me inntrumenl panel warning lighln.

IE] Start: Stanfi the engine. When The engine starts. release the key. The ignitiun switch will return In "Run“ for nnnnul L'll‘l'l'lllg.


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