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Trunki’LiftgaIE Wagon Lit‘ [gate Uperatien

Remnle Trunk ur Liftgale [1.31.3359 {Option} The litigate en your wagon has a liftglnss and a litigate. If you have this oplien.

ynu ' H t": m] the butmn in the . glove hm. NOTICE.

Be sure there are no overhead obstru etlans

The Irunl. will un'luek any time the ignition it UN. If ynu have the wagon. the litigate will unitiek when the ignition.

is UN and [he tram-axle 15 in "P"{P:irk1.

before we open the liflgate. You could slam the lttlgale Into something and break the glass.

'i'he LiCIUI' Le}; opens the Iiligute and the lil‘tglahn.

Tu unlock the trunk ii't‘itll the UlJlIhiLitf. infiert the liner he}- and turn. it elitekwihe.

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