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You‘ll need a safety Inciting clip to properly Heeure it child restraint in this position. You can get a locking clip where uhild restraints-i are sold. or t'rom your Buielt dealertffih-I Purl Number th-Hélul-SH l, The inching elip must he the some as the one shown here.

Until you have this clip. secure a child restraint only in a seat that has Et neporute lap hell hind a way to author it top strap. if the fluid rettntint her. one). See the following section uhuul seeurihg ti ehilrj retilntinl in t1 eenler Pllhillflll. ”net you have the clip. l'ulltiw theite ll'lHLl'lJ-il'llUnfiI

I. Put the restraint tin the neat. Follow the inxtruetittns fur the child rextrainl.


Secure the child in the child restrnint as. the instructions say.

.1. Pick up the latch plate. and run the lap and shoulder portions of the vehiete‘s safety belt through or around the restraint. The child restraint inblrut'tions


mil hittiw you how. Till the latch plate In titljuxt the hell it'needed.

ll'the HhULIldL'r hell gnu-it in Front of the ehild'n‘ Feet: [Il’ neelt. put it hehiritl the child retlrtiint.

4. Buckle the belt. Mill-ca nun: the releauo htltttirt it: positioned so you would be able to utihuckle the safety heft quieltly i1 you ever Inn! to.

J. 'I'l'terl threud birth the lap urttl shoulder hell portions. through the lU-L'lting clip.

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