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GAUTIDN: (Dbnfinuad)

baby will suddenly beam a Eda-pound [nu kg} force on your arms. T115 baby mutt! be almost lrnpnaalbla to hold.

SOP-urn the baby In an infant restraint.

Child Restraints

BL‘ sure [U t'ulittw [he inatrueliunh for the restraint. You "my I'ini‘l theta inatructinna tt-t'l the restraint itseit'nr in a. booklet. itr huth. These restraints use. the bail aft-tern in your vehicle, but the child also has ED be secured within 1hr: rautraint tit help reduce the chance of personal Injury. The instructions that come with the infant or rhiid Iunttuiltt will Show you how to do that.

Where to Put the Restraint

Accident \ItlliHliL‘fi shin-s that chiitlren are safer if they are testmined in the rear rather than the t'runi scat. We at General Mfllflrfi then-tar: recommend that you put :r'fll-IT child restraint in the rear seat tiniest. the Child is an infant and yttu'n: the uni}- adult in the vehicle. In thal case. you. might want tit secure the restraint in the ham seat when: you can keep an eye {In tht: baby.

Wherever you inttai] it. ht: sun: In secure llte Chiitl 1'e.~;||'ain| properly.

Keep in mind that an unsecured child restraint can move around tn :3 mil iii-tun ur sudden stop and injure people in the vehicle. He flirt: ti: pmpcriy secure tiny Chi-[L1 restraint in your which: -- eve" When no Child it; in it.

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