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"valve-in—heud" engine. at light. powerful and reliable engine which woutel eventually influence the entire automotive industry.

William C. Durant was instrumental in promoting Buieks Heron: the country using his Durant-Don Carriage Co. outlets and salespeople :15 the nucleus of :1 giant distribution syxtern. He knew the Buick :15 a “nelf—xeller“. If nttromohites could be this good. he thought. maybe it was time to switch from the home and buggy huninexn to nutnmnhiles.

Al the I905. New York Auto Show. Durant took orders for lflfli} Buick-H before lhe company had built 4'1 On Buiek‘s suceesn. Durant created a holding company. September Eh, Willi-l. He called it General Motors.

Iii/titer Mon' and Thom-3.7 Buick

Buiek‘s chief engineer. Walter L. Marr {left}. and Thomas D. Buick. son of founder Bat-rid Dunbar Buiek. drove the first Flint Buick in a suCL‘et-A'l'ul Flinl-D'L‘lmll round trip in July “104.

David Buick was building gasoline engines: by I399. and Mnrr. his engineer. apparently built the first auto tn he called a Buick in HUG. However. Buick traditionally dates: its. beginnings to 1903. Tltat was the year the William 11" I’Bt't'ivl mem company was reorganized. refinanced and moved from "

Detroit to Flint. Buiel-c has always been a produet

innovator. Buick. engineers; developed the


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