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Safety Belt Use During Pregnancy

Safety belle work for everyone. including pregnmtl women. Like all uccupants. they are mere likely It.) be serlflusly injured if they thm'l wear safely heltx.

A pregnant woman sheuld wear a lap—shnulder belt? and the lap pnn'tun shnuld be worn its low as possible throughout the pregnancy.


The best way to protect the fame is to pnnecl |he mull'lL'r. When a safety belt is wflm properly. it's more likely that the fetus won‘t be hurt in a trash. Fur pregnant women, as For unyune. the key In making wfety hells effective is wearing them properly.

Right Front Passenger Position

The right front passenger‘s safety belt works the same way as the driver‘s safety belt. See "Driver Position.“ earlier in this pim.

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