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Canada Roadside Assistance

1Vehicles purchased in Canada have an extensive

Road side Assistance program accessible from anywhere in Canada or the United States. Please refer to the separate brochure proyided by the dealer or call loosens-uses for emergency servioes.

Service Publications

lnfonnation on how to obtain Prnduet Service Publications, Suhacn‘pliohs and Indexes as described below is applicable only in the fifty US. states {and lht: Dietrict ofColumbiaJ and only for cars and Iighl trucks with GV‘WR less than ll].flllfl pounds {4 536 kgl.

in Canada. information pertaining to Product Service Bulletins and Indexes can be obtained by writing to:

General Meters of Canada Limited Service Publications Depanruent 1903 Colonel Sam Dr.

l‘J-sltawa+ Ontario Ll l-i SP?

Buick fogularly sends its dealers useful service bulletins about Buick products. Buick monitors product perfon'rta nce in the field. We then prepare bulletins for servicing our products better. Now. you can get these bulletins too.


Bulletins cover various subjects. Some pertain to the proper use and care of your vehicle. Some describe costly repairs. Eithers describe inexpensive repairs which. if done on time Itvith the latest parts. may avoid future costly repairs. Some bulletins tell a technician how to repair a new or unexpected condition. Others describe a quicker way to fix your vehicle. They can help a technician service your vehicle better.

Most bulletins apply to conditions uffeering a small number of cars or trucks. 1t’our Buick dealer or a qualified technician may have to determine if a specific hullctin applies to your vehicle.

You can subscribe to all Buick bulletins. This way you'll get them as they come out. You can wait a while and get an index to the bulletins. You can also get individual bulletins. However. you‘ll need the index to identify them.

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