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At Least Unee a Month - - . (”HF‘I'K 9'.“ WHAT m m CHI-ICE ma . .. BLRVILL . WHM mm mm” mm, camera; thnmm Numb

. . _ _ _ check, Ike vehicle could more Tlre lnflullnn Checkhreinflnlmh Make auremeyare suddenly. If il‘ 119915.- you or ntllers inflated [:1 1h»: pmnuww ~~~:|:r<:l.'i|'iev£l nn Ihe

_ _ _ euultl be injured. Fullnw ”IE steps TIrcrLuudmg lnlvn'nalmn luhel Imuletl

below. (In 1hr rcin' edge ul'lhe driver‘s duur. See

"Tinh" in Ihr: lndex l'nr further IJEIaJh. |. BCI'm-c W” alert. he «ure W“ have

ennugh mum around Ihe vehicle

Cement.- DEL-k Clean cammle deck. Cleanmg shnuld he dune ell-er}; l5 lmun. nl'lupe play. See "Audin Synemn" in the Index l'nr lunhel' details.

2. Firmly apply hulh lhl: parking brake Wen: “Purkmg Brake" irl Ihl: index if newwnryi .Lnd the regular hmke.

NOTE: Dr: nul we lhe Heuelen‘uur

At Least once 3 Year pedal. and he read; In :urn off" me engine immediurely il n alum.

LHFI'K “.11 WHAT TU DU 3. Try It: Hllsl'f the engine in each gear. SILRVILh The HTi-Jl‘Itr ahuuld wnrk nnly in "F'" Key Leek Lubrienle the key lock uyllnderh mlh ”'JHKHF "NWNeulraly. If F119 “Jim" Cylinder.“ the lubriuzlnl hpeuil'ieql in Seuliun D. “Wk" I“ am} ”“1“" 11“"50'1- Fm” vehicle need-J M-zrwce. Bud}- Luhriculinn LuhriL-nle all had],- dour hingen. AIM:

lubneale all hingew and lute-hen. including thnM: fur Ihe hnud. rear eiJrnpenrrIenl. glm'e hm «er. cunwle dun“ and 1|le T'flidlng xEnl hardware. Scene-n Diells yuu Whul In me.


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