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Scheduled Maintenance Services Schedule I

Follow Schedule I if your ear is MAINLY driven under one or more of the following conditions:

I When most trips are less Ihan 4 miles if: kilometers}. I WI'Len most tn'ps are less than 10 miles (l6 kilometers} and outside temperatures remain below freezing.

I When most trips inciude extended idling andfor frequent low-speed operation as in step-and-go traffic. I Towinga tmiIerJT I When operating in dust}; ms.

Schedule I should also be followed if the ear l5 used for delivery senrloe, police. taxi or other commercial nppiicalions.

must-2mm mmmm

{Sue Ex lenstlnn nl‘

scmulsimms “Minimum” III-luflflflfllflflllfi

' .an ' Months Whichever 5mm ”’me ' Krwuereesrml

smug . m m gum-5 mm flIIEHIWEIEI

Hem No.



- AlfiWflmiJlflkaland 1R? frfilfll Ramon fir mm 15 DOB "IL [25 001] km] P: DIESTJUCBSSHJ'E afingim MIDI-M IIIIIIII'IIIIIII

Every 30 000 ml.

Eleitls} Ires Iion‘ p“ {50 I300 km} or 24 monlhs.

5. Cooling System Sen-lee"

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