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Capacities and Specifications

Engine Code 4 [LNZi 2.2L L4 PF]

Belt Tensinns Fuel Tank Capacilj' Autumalicaily conimllcd by an idler pulley. “5.5 gallnnsffilfi liters Tens-inn adjustment should nevcr be neccmary.

. . hulflmatic Transaxle Capacity lelng Spirit-m Cnpncrty— [31-401 35m

(Turnplcle System 3.?4 quansffili’ Jim-n. Pain Removal and Replactmcut _ Crankcase Capacity (Lens Filter} 4 quansflfl liters 4 quartsflfi liters

After Complete chrhaut —- T quanstfih liters Air Conditioning Refrigerant Capacity {R-E34a] Maintenance Item Pa 11 Numbers _

”5 "351““ k'lngr‘lm“ _ Mr Filter AWSC Nut all air conditioning refngeruntr. :er ll‘l-t.‘ sarnc. 01] Filter _ PF4T lithe air conditioning system in your whit-Ir.» P

nee-d5 refrigerant+ be Sure the: proper refrigerant FCV ”he _ CV90“: 1 is uscd. If ynu‘n: nor sun: ask your Buick dealer. Spark Plug 41-9031 GA? 0-06: {LSUImm}

For additional information. see your"Wt1rranty and Owner Assistance Information" brmklet.


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