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Capacities and Specifications Engine Code 3100 MFI V6 Code M (LEZI Bolt Tensions —- Fuel Tank Capacity—

Aulon‘tttiicall} controlled by it self-Iensioning idler 145.5 gallnl'tttllrfilfi titan:

pulley. Tension adjustment Should never be ' nEeessurp Automatic Iransaxle Capacity

Cooling S estem It'_‘npoeit3.I - [4Tofl-EJ 4—Speed Complete Sgt-stern Ho quarts-HUB liters. Pan Removal and Replacement

Crankease Capacity [Less Fillerl '5' ‘IUilmt'lS-T “It“ 4 quartxfltl liters-.- After Complete Overhaul

Air Conditioning Refrigerant Capacity ill-1.34:1! 3 quansf'ifi liters 21} lbs. {0.90 kilograms]

Maintenance Item Part Numbers Not all air conditioning refrigerants are the same. A"- Filter A1233C

If the air enntiiliorting syfitem in your vehicle Fuel Filter _ GFjBflA

neede refrigerant. be sure the proper refrigerant ()1 F1 FF!“

is used. “you're not sure ask your Buick dealer. ' ' [er— For additional information. nee your "Wflarranty PCV Valve —CV392'C

and Owner Assittlarlco Inionnalion" booklet. Spark Plug RHIISMfi, GAP 0.61:!" {LSUFI'LI‘I’IJ

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