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Vehicle Identification Number {VIN} Service Parts Identification Label

You‘ll find this label on your spare tire cover in the

coupe tJr sedan. In the wagon. you‘ll Find the label on - Illlllil‘ “ll“lllllllmllmllllmu the wheel well {remove the spare tire cover to Home

the wheel well }. It’s very helpful if you ever need to order penis. On this label is:

E .‘lF'l F-lLllt

EHBIHE 19M /* \Hflfl' HES-HEW I yflur VIN.

BUDE “MEL YEAH I the model designation.

This is the legal identifier for your Buick. lt appear}; on . Pair“ init‘mali'm' and i1 plate in the Front corner of the instrument panel. on the a a list ”f all production options and Spud“ driver‘s. side. You can set: it it you look lhrouglt the equipment.

windshield from outside your vehicle. The VIN also appears on. the Vehicle Certification and Service PiIT'Ifi In hell-i and the certifi cutex of title and regixtnttion.

Be sure that this label is not removed from the vehicle.

Engine Identification

The eighth character in your VIN it; the engine code. This code will help you identify your engine. specifications. and replacement part5.


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