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haseunal. Always use waxes and polishes that are nonrabrasive and made for a hassooati’clearcoat paint finish.


Machine compounding or aggressive polishing

on a hasecoatfcleareoet paint finish mav dull the finish or leave swirl marks.

Aluminum Wheels ("So Equippedi

Your aluminum wheels have a protective coating similar lo the painted surface of your huick. Don't use strong soaps. chemicals. cltrome polish. abrasive cleaners 0r abrasive cleaning brushes on them because you could damage this coating. After rinsing thoroughly. a Willi may he applied.


ll you have aluminum wheels. don't use an

automatic vehicle wash that has herd silicon carbide cleaning brushes. These brushes can lake off the protective cooling.


While Sidewail Tires

Your Buick dealer has a GM White Sidewall Tire Cleaner. You can use a stiff brush wilh the cleaner.


Silicone grease on weatherstrips will make them last longer. seal heller. and not stick or squeal-t. Apply silicone grease with a clean cloth at least every six months. During very cold. damp Weather more I‘mquenl application may be required. (See "Recommended Fluids lit Lubricants" in the Index.)

Sheet Metal Damage

ll'your vehicle is damaged and requires sheet metal repair or replacement. make sure [he bod}- repair shop applies anti-cerrosion material to the pans repaired or replaced it) restore corrosion protection.

Foreign Material

Calcium chloride and olher salts. ice melting agents. mad oil and tar. tree sap. bird droppings. chemicals from industrial chimneys. and other foreign matter can damage your vehicle's finish ifthey remain on painted surfaces. Use cleaners that are merited safe for painted surfaces to remove liJreign matter.

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