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When It's Time [or New Tires

One way to tell when it‘a time for new tires is to check the Ireadwear indicators. which 1will appear when your tires have only 2,.“32 ineh

lIJfi rnrn‘|I or less of treat] remaining.

You need a new tin: if:

II You can see the indicators at three or more places around the tire.

i You can see cord or fabric showing through the tire's rubbee

I The tread or sidewall is cracked. eul or snagged deep enough to show cord or fabric.

O The line has a bump. bulge or split.

I The tire has a puncture. out. or other :13 mage that ean‘l be repaired well because oflhc Hill: or location of the damage.

Buying New Tires

To find out what kind and size oflirea you need. look at the Tire-hiading Infnnnation label.

The Iires inslalled on your vehicle when il Was now had a Tire Performance Criteria Specification [TPC Spec} number on each tire‘s sidewall. When you get new tires. get ones. with Ihot some TFC Spec number. That way. your vehicle will continue to ha are tires that an: designed to give proper endurance. handling. speed rating. traetion. ride and other things during normal service on your vehicle. If your tires ha in: an tin—season tread design. the TPC number will be followed by a "MS" lfor mud and snow).

If you ever replace your tires with those not having a TPC Spec number, make sure Ihey are the same size. load range. agreed rating and cunslmoliun type ihias. bias -belred or radial i at your original tirex.


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