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Front Turn and Parking Bulb andtur Side Marker Bulb Replacement

1. Ram»: the Ito-0d. 4. ThL‘ tlulh uswmhly Eh- uuw loose. PLIII i1 1hrwalrtl until 2. Inhcfl u hcrcwdrix-cr into the loop of Ihe. xpring. 'h” hulh 2'55“"th “”1 h“: ”Mm-LL

which can hit hCL‘I'I just bchlnd [ht L‘ILIEL'I assembly. To replace the 1Ltt't1y'purk hulh; 3. Pull the spring. tn the rrur and slightly tuwurd II”: I. Rntate the bulb incket I'm-using U4 turn

outside ul' the car until the dctcm fiflt‘flfit’b' from 111:: cnuntercltmkwihe.

much in th' I1 31'“. Th1 rnuuntin t'ralnu. . L L t" g 2. Push In and IItrt‘I lhr: hulh CULITJlCTCIUiLkWIHt.‘ tu

remove 1t. 3. Put in the new bulb and turn it Hock-wit:

.1 Snap the- win: connectnr mm the hulh :L-thcmhly.


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