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Halugen Bulbs Fm IIIE l’j-‘pé' L'lrlllI-lh. use :he Index Lander ”Ruplucement Bulhb.”

1. Turn the bulb aasembly countcrclockwlse HIE: tum. A CAUTION: pressing in firmly. umil [he flangas align with 1hr:

Halogan bulbs have momma gas mm and

51015 in the :I'Eliill'fli'l' ring.


canbmatflma-npurmmmahuh'lhuur all-nan could he Injured. Take annual we III-In 1 handling and dlapoalng Inf halogen “he.

Pull (JLIl. [he hulh usaumbl}:

. Dismannecl the bulb base frbm “1: Wiring harness by lifting IhE plastic locking tab.

Tn- repluce the bulb assembly:

Headlamp Bulb Replacement

l. Snap a new bulb into the wiring, harms-g. {A}. Make sure the locking lab EB: is over the lock {Cl

Install 1hr: bulb assembly by putting the runs“ lab (D) in the

:snmll mulch in lltt: IEIHIHEF ring {E}.


3. Tum ll'n: bulb assembly Iffi tum clnckwise to lock it in plum.


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