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should have your braku syslcm find since a leak means that soonnr or laler your butts won't wml: well. or won‘t work at all. So, it isn‘t a good idoa to “top off" your brain fluid. Addumg bmku fluid won't comm a leak. lfyou add fluid when you: “Jung: are worn, then you‘ll have too much fluid when you get new brake linings. You should add (or remove] brakn fluid. as mummy, only when work is done on the brake hydraulic system.

When your brake fluid falls to a Ila-uhr level. your brain: warning light will corn: on. See “Brake System Warning Light" in [he Index.

What to Add

Whnn you do neod brake fluid. use onlyr DOT—3 brako fluid -- such as Dulce Supreme llIsl {GM Part No.1fl52535). Us: new bmkn fluid from a sealed container only. and always clean the brake fluid reservoir cap before removing it.


o DDT-5 diluent brake fluid can damaga your which. Don't nan It.

I Don't let ammuna not In aha wrong klnd of fluid. For “ample. llllt a law drops of minaral-baaad all. such I! angina lullII In

your brake aymm nan damn bran system put an laudlyI that thajr'll haw to ho unplanned.

Brake fluld can dam point. It! bu curml not to apill brain: hold on you- 'Mhlclo. If you do, wall it D" tmmadlaualy. 5n "Appearance Cam" In the Influx.


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