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Open the cap ieheied "WASHER FLUID ONLY.“ Add Brakes washer fluid until the bottle I5 t'ull. Brake Master Cylinder

_ "t'nur hrul-ce muster cylinder i5 lie-re. It is filled with NOTICE' DDT-.1: Itruitc liuad.

0 When using concentrated washer fluid, !ollow the manufacturer‘s in etructto no for adding water.

Don't mix water with ready-to-uee washer fluid. Water can oeuee the solution to freeze and damage your washer fluid tank and other parts :11 the washer system. .Illileor

water doesn't clean as well as washer fluid. Fill your was her fluid tenk only 3M lull when it's very cold. This allows for

eat pension. which could damage the tank if It is Completely lull.

Don't use radiator antifreeze in your windshield washer. it can damage your washer eyeiem and paint,

There are only two redeem why the brake fluid level in your master C}'l[JIdET might gm down. The firsl is Iltat lht: brake fluid goes down to an acceptable level during normal hmke iinine wear. When new limngs are put in. the fluid level goes hack up. The other reason is lllfll fluid is leaking nul (if the hreke syatcni. If at ix, you


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