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The dipstick on file 2.1L L4 engine loch likL- this. 3. (“heuk both Hidea nl'1he dlme-L. uud rL'uLl [he luwur level. The Hui-J lcwl 1mm h'L' in ll'IL' LTUKfi-hlflclii‘d um.

l. Full nut the dipstick ill'lLl wipe it will1 u ClL'Ili'l mg or paper Iowel. 4. [1' HR: I'quzi level m m th‘ uL'L'L-pluhlr: range, puxh the

1. Pufih il hack in all Hi: Way. wail lhrcc sccunds :Ind LlJpl k b l. m l“ [h .5 1|: itE.‘ ' '. L' wav.

then pull ll hack UUI again.

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