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Engine (Ionian! Heater {Engine Blurlt Heater]

An cng'tnt: L'tmlun! heater can be at big help if you have tn Park outside in Unit}- mid weather. {FF r-JH“L"J ur colder. If your which has lhjh upt'mn. x124: “Engine Coolant Heater" in lhr: index.

What It} Do with User! lflil

Did you kttuw that UkL'd engine It'll L'nntains certain L'lcmcnts lhtfl may be unhealthy for your flair} and could even cause cancer? Don't it: used all .‘oIJiF' UTI yuur skin for 't'ttry Jung. [flu-rm yuur skin and I'Liiflfi with map and water. at a grand hand cleaner. Wash or properly lhmw away t‘lolhing or rags containing used enginu uil. Him.- Ihe manufacturer‘s warningt. almut IhE' use um} dispnszti nf nil pmductm]

Usad oil can be a real threat [tr- Ilru cnt'irnnrnunl. Ifyttu change your oven oi]. b1: mm In drain alt free—firming Oil from 11h: 1'Illcrltcf0rr: tlispuuul. Dran‘l Lwcr drupuse or" oil by pulling il in HIL' Irash. [trtnurinf__I 'It on 111:: ground. Into chCFS. UT inlfl SII‘EHITJS or hfldilfl. (If water. Il'lhmild. recycle il by [ttlting ]E It: a plum: that L'DHECIS used nil. II" ynu have El putrhEcrn properly disptmng rtf' ynur used nil. ink ynur L‘Ili'illel'. a hIE'I'V'LCE Hlu'liun ttr :t IHL‘HI recycling cent-er 1'nr help.

Air Cleaner

Ynllr ztir cleaner is run 1|tt1- driver‘s. side ul‘ II'tL' cngtne compartment. Tu check or replace lht: filter. unL‘ a Screwdriver [u lLKIH-UJ'! the hurt: clump. Ihcrt lift Iitt: rubbur duL'L

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