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If You’re Stuck: In Sand, Mud. Ice or Snow

What you don‘t want to do when }'L‘rur vehicle is h'lut'k is. to spin your whucls. The method known or; "melting" can help you get out when you‘re stuck. but you musl use caution;

A cnunou:

It you lot yourtlreo spin othlgh epeed, they can explode and you or emote oould uninjured. And.

the trot-tome or other ports at the vehicle eon

overheat. 111ot court caus- on onglne compartment fire or outer IIII'IIIQE. When you‘re molt. opln the whuolo no "the as ponthlo. Don't opln the “tools above 35 mph (55 knob} on




spinnlng your wheels can Irletitro]:l parts ot your

vehicle as well as the tires. It you spin the wheels too test while ehlfllng II'OUr treneoxle heel: and torth, you can destroy your trensaxle.

Rocking your 1Irehiele to get it out:

Hm. turn your steering wheel left and right. That wilE clear thi: area around your front wheels. Then shill buck and forth between “H" lRuvcrse] and a forward gear. spinning the wheels: as little as rtoHSthL‘. Release the accelerator pedal] while you shifl. and press lightly on the accelerator pedal when the Imnuuxle is in gear. [t' that drmn't get you out after a few tries. you may need to be towed out. It” you do need to be towed nut. so: “Towing Your Buick" in lhe Index.

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