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Fleet er dirt on the wheel, or en the parts to which ll is fastened. cen rnelte the wheel nuts became lease sfler s time. The wheel could cm ell end cause an accident. When you change s wl'Ieel. remcve emuI meter cllrl from the plecee where Ihe wheel attic-hes In fl1e vehlcle. In an emergency. 1we can use a cloth or s pep-er towel In do this; hul he sure le use s scraper er wire brush later. ll you need In, to get all the rust or firl all.


Never use all or ureese en studs er nuts. ll yeu dc. the nuts mlaht come lease. Your wheel ceultl fell off. causing s serieus sec-Idem.

PIeL'I: th‘ Hpert: can the wheel mounting surface.

Replace- Ihc wheel nuts with the rounded end with: I'IIJll‘i toward the wheel. Tighten each nul by hand until the wheel is held :lguirll‘l the hub.


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