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Engine Overheating

You will tinel a coolant temperature page or the warning light about a hat engine an. yuur Buiek‘n instrument

panel. If Steam Is Cuming From Yuur Engine


Stumfromnnoearhutudannheclnhumypu badly, even «you luuopnn the hood. Stay away treat the engine “you see or hear steam coming tram It. Just turn trait and gatewaryoneaway from the vehicle urtfll It Gaol: down. Wail llI'Ilil

more is no stun at steam or coolant before opening the hand.

It you keep driving when your engine In undiluted. the liquids In it can cobalt flra. 1t'ou or alt-Ir: could he booty humid. Slop your engine

allover-linen. ml get out utlha enhlcle until lha engine la ml.


If your engine catches fire because you keep

driving Wlll‘i HO CODlfifllt YOU! 'lll'El‘IlCIB can lJB badly damaged. The GOSH]! repairs would not he

covered by your warranty.

If No Steam Is Coming From Your Engine

ll' yttu get the overheat warning hut n'ee (1T hear nt: Steam. the problem may rtnl he let: xerinufi. Semelimes the engine can get-:1 little ten hm when yea:

I Climb a long hill fit! a hot day. 0 Step alter high speed driving. 0 Idle l'tit lung ljet-inch: in traffic. I

Tow a trailer.


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