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3. Tum off the ignition on both volricles.T|1rn off all

NOTICE: lights that aren’t needed, and radios. This will avoid Ignoring he“ slaps “I.“ mull in costly :3.ng andmhgilgrsovc both batteries. And It could dnmogo to your vohlolo that Iwouldn't ho covered 5 '

by your wan-only.

Trying to am your Buick by pushing or pulling It NOTICE' won't work, and It ooulrl damage your vohlch. ' it you loan your rndlo on, ll could ho My , damaged. Tho ropolro wouldn't he oovarod by To Jump Start Your Buick: your warranty. I. Chock Ibo olhcr vehicle. It must have a 12-volt mm with a “353m Emmi 535m- 4. Open the hoods and locate the ballerios.


If the othor syalom Isn't o 12-vo-fl system wllh I nogntlvo ground, both vohicloo um ho damaged.

2. Gel the vm‘niclcs close enough so the jumper cabins can reach, but b: sum the vehicles aren't touching Each other. If they are, it. could cause a ground connection you don't want. You wouldn't be ablc to Find the POSiIiVC H} 311d TIE-gafivc {-} muninals on each

start your car, and the had grounding could damage battery. the electrical systems.


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