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Fruss lhl: human in in mail-ii: your front and rear turn signal lights Has-eh flu

and off.

Yuur hazard warning flamers work no matter wlml pflsuinn yuur key Eih' in. and even il'ihi: key isn‘T in.

Tn lurn (all the Flasherx. pull out on the collar.

When LIEH: hazard warning flashers are (in. ynur turn

signals won't work.

Uther Warning Devices

if you carry refit-um:- triangln. you can sci on: up at [he side cil'Ihe road :ibvnul 30H l'eet [llll] n1] behind 3mm" veluth.

Jump Starting

Il'3'nur flattery has run down, you ma}r wanl In use: another Il'vahiiflial and some jumper cable}; in Hart yuur Buick. But please Follow 1h: steps below to do it safely.


Mmhuflm.flwmhm blue-Illa:

I: Mmmfl-Immi-Im

.- MmpMmmww I 111.}mean flmdnnfihlwmmpsuaaflmmu flflflllllflahulmllu'tym.


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