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ice can be even more trouble because it may otter the least traction ot'al]. You can get "wet ice“ when it's about Heeling {32”F; ll‘Tfj and Freezing ruin hegins Eti- t‘ul]. Try to avoid driving on wet ice tintil sell and sand CTEVJS Curl gCl there.

Whatever the condition -- smooth ice. packed. blowing or loose snow ~- drive with caution. Accelerate gently. Try not to break the fragile tmelion. If you accelerate tnn fast, the drive wheels will spin and polish the surface under the tires even more.

Your anti-lock. brakes improve your ability to make a hard stop on :i slippery road. Even though you have the anti—lite}; braking system, you'll want to begin slapping sooner than you would tin dry pavement. See "Anli—toelt"inthe Index.

0 Allow greater Following distance on any slippery road.

a Watch for slippery spots. The road might be fine until you hit a spot that’s covered with tee. On an otherwise clear road. ice patches may appear in shaded areas where the sun Can't reach: around elurnps olilrees. behind buildings. UT under hridges. Sometimes the surface ul' 3 curve or an overpass may remain iey when the surrounding roads are clear. 1!" you. see u puteh ol' iee ahead of you. broke before you or: on it. Try not to brake while you're actually on the Ice. and ovoid sudden steering maneuvers.

If Torre Caught in a Blissard

IF you are stopped by heavy snow. you could be in a serious situation. You should probably stay with your vehicle unless you know for sure that you are near help and you can hike through tlte snow. llere are some things to do to summon help and keep yourself and your passengers sale: Turn on your hoard flashers. Tic u red cloth to your vehicle to alert police Lhttt you‘ve been stopped by the snow. Put on extra clothing or wrapa hinnkel around you. ll'ynu have no blankets or extra clothing. make body insulators from newspapers. burlap


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