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II' yULII' Vehicle: 5mm 11’: hlidu. cum: yuur I'nm iii'i' Ihi: uL'celemmr pudui ilml quickly skier Ihe way you warn the Whirl? to En. [I' you Marl Steering quid-J}- crluugh. yuur k-ehiult: may Hruighleu nut. Alwayu be ready iii“ 21 strand skid 51' it (itcurx.

{)1' count. iriIL‘Iiun is nadurml when water. snow. ire. grave]. or other material 15 on Illvi' mad. I‘Lir safely. yuu'il wanl in sin-w drawn and adjust ynur driving tn [lie-5e conditinns. T1 is important In- 51ml. (IHWI‘I run dipper}- Surfaces bfiuaunt‘ flapping LiibthIL'I: will in: hanger and which: cunlrcii rnnrr: limited.

While driving ["1 u Huri'ace with reduced11'uc1imi.:r}- ynur hflRl Tn avoid ~'sIJuJilvsn hletri lag. acct-Italian. 111' hrflkhlg {including criginc braking by shilling In H lnwur gear). Ally MJL‘IdBII Churiguh mum cans: li'li: lire}; in xlidL‘. You may Iiul rrrulixc 1th surE'uL'i‘ is; alipprry mili] your "i'éhll‘li’ is Hkidding. Learn [{1- rumgnize warning clues -- :Lucli u:- cnnugh wulcr. ice or packer! snow on 111':- mazd [u make u. “mirrored hUFi-liL'g‘” -- and dim L'iDUI'II when )‘Ull haw: any douhl.

Rtlnrnihur: Any anti-Incl; hruking h}‘\ll"|'i'| : MiSI litlps uvuid only Ihe hl'zikinp rkid.


Driving at Night

i‘fi'igl‘ll Lil'l‘h'li'lg is more duaigcmus than dug.- drii'irig. Uni: ream“ EN Iilill 'CUIU-i.‘ LierL'TS. .111.- Iikuiy :1: be impaired -- by .Iluihui ur drugh. wilh night 'L'ih'itm prnhlmm. or by fatigue.

l'lr‘l‘t“ an: wriw liph {in night driving. I Driredrihnaual}

I Dun't :[rink :md drive.

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