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been drinking. III roost cartel-i. them: deaths lift: the refiult of someone who was drinking and driving. About moon motor vehicle—related deaths occur each year bectt use of alcohol. and thouxands of people are injured,

lunt how much alcohol is too much ii'rt person plans to drive'.’ Ideally, no one should drink alcohol and [hen drive. But if one does. then what‘s "too much"? It can be u lot ices Ihnn many might think. Although iI depends on each person and aitttetion. here it. Mime general inl'urn'tulion on "1: problem.

The Blood Mcohoi Content {BACi of someone who is drinking dependx upon four things:

0 How much alcohol n.- in the drink. i The drinker's body weight.

I The amount of I'ood that is commuted before and during drinking.

a The Icngll‘t of time il has taken the drinker to consume the alcohol.

According to the American Medical ABS-Dclaliflln. a lBfl—pound {32 kg} liter-son who drinks three IE—ounoe [355 mli bottles 0r beer in an hour will end up with a BAC oi'ahout (1.06 percent. The person would reach the same BAC by drinking three 4-ounce { llfl miJI glasses. of wine or three mixed drinks if each had l-lfl ounces [45 ml] ol'tt liquor like whiskey. gin or vodka.


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