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Slide this lever up to increase bass. or down to decrease iI.

Scan Press the SCAN button to hear each station For a less seconds. Push it again to stop scanning.


Press the SEEK hunon to go to the next higher station and stay there. Push it again and it will find the next higher station.

Push buttons

The four pushhuttons let you return to favorite stations. To set the pushburtorts for up to fourteen stations ("I AM and 7' FM:

1. Use the lower knob tTUNEt to lune in the station you want.

Press SET. The SET indicator will appear in the display.



. Within .5 seconds. press one of the four pushbuttons. Whenever you push that button again. the preset station will return.

L'p to three more stations rna}r be preset on each band by pressing lwo pus hbultons that are next to each other. at the same time.

|. Tune in the desired station

2. Press SET. and within Ii we seconds press any two pushbultons that are next to each other at the same time. The station will return when the same two pushhnltons are pressed. again.

Clock To act the clock. I. Press the SET button.

2. Within 5 seconds. press and hold SCAN until the correct hour appears. on the display.

3. Press and hold SEEK until the eorneel minute appears on the display. Dynamic Noise Reduction

Press the DNR'E button to select the Dynamic Noise Reduction system that reduces background hISS on AM and FM radio broadcasts. as well as on cassette tapes. You may want to leave it pushed in all the lime.


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