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Lower Knob

Rotate the lower knob to tune in radio stations. Press it to change between the AM and FM bonnie.


The FADE control behind the lower knob adjusts the I‘rorttt'reer speaker beta nee.


Slide this; letter up to increase treble. or down to decrease it. [fa station is week or noisy. reduce the treble.


Slide [his lower up to increase l'tatsis. or clown to decrease it.


Press the SCAN hutton to hear each station for a few seconds. Push it again to stop scanning.


Press the SEEK button to go to the next higher station and stay there. Push it again and it will find the next hi ghet station.


The four ptttthhuttuns let you rulum to favorite stations. To set the pushhuttons For up to fourteen stations If? AM and 3' FM:

1. Use the lower knob {TUNE} to tune in the station you want.

2. Press SET. The SET indieatot- will appear in the display.

3. Within 5 seconds. press one ol‘ the four pmhbuttons. Whenever you push that button again. the prewl etetion wili return.

Llp to three more stationn ma 3- he preset on each band by pressing two pushbuttons that are ne tit to each other. at the game time.

I. Tune in the desired station.

2. Press Slfl‘. and within five seconds press any two puehhuuons that are next to each other at the some time. The station will return when the some two pushhutlonh‘ are pressed again.

Clock To set the clock. 1. Frees the SET button.


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