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To help avoid hearing lot." or dalntatgf: . AdJLl‘ll tlto "r'tlllllllt: control [n tlli: Inwott setting.

0 Increase yuluml: slowly until you hear comfortably

and clearly.


Before you add any sound equipment to your vehicle .- like a tape player. CB radio. mobile telephone or two-way radio he sure you can add what you want. It you no n1 it’s very important to do it properly. Added sound equipment may interfere with the operation of your ‘u'fl hioto‘e

engine, Deleo‘E' radio or other systems. and oven damage them. And. your irehtolo’s systems may intetforo with the operation of sound equipment that has been added improperly.

So. before adding sou nd equipment, check with your dealer and be sure to cheek Federal rules covering mobile radio and telephone units.


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Upper Knob

Rotate the knob In control Ellt‘ volume. When the lemma to off. prom the knob to tlnpluy Tht‘ trme.


The RM . control helllml the upper Lil-oil titlrlnlu lllr: lot—[fright HPEHLE'J litlltllit'o.

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