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Press the {)N portion of Ihe switch. The indicator light Ventilation Tips will glow. The rear window defttgger w ill turn off automatically after about It] minutes of use. You can also turn it off by turning off the ignition or pressing the IiZItFF portion of the switch.

0 Keep the hood and front air inlet free ofice, snow. or any other obstruction is uch as leaves}. The heater and defroster will work far better. reducing the chttnee of fogging the inside of your windows.

I When you enter a vehicle in cold weather, turn the

N TI : blower fun to HI for a few moments before driving 9 CE off. This helps clear the intake ducts of snow and DD" 1 ”39 razor blade or mahlnfl 9'93 9'13”:l moisture, and red ucee the chance of fogging the on the inside of the rear window. It you do, you in side “r W”, windgwsl

could cut or damage the warming grid, and the repairs woulrh'l't be covered by 1your warranty.

0 Keep the air path under the front seats etear of Objects; This helps air to circulate throughoul your vehicle.

Flow-Through ltr'etttiltettiott System

Your Buiek‘s flew—through ventilation system supplies Duh-tide air into Ihe vehicle when it is moving. Outside air will also enter the vehicle when the heater or the air conditioning fan is running.


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