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For mild outside ternl'teriitlireh1 when little heating or etmling is needed. slide the upper lever to 1|v'FJ‘u'T. Mr flow is through the instrument panel outleta. Rotate the control next to the outlets to turn on. adjuxt or Iurn et'i' the air now. .Mljusl the tower lever nit the control panel to the temperature desired.


When outs-tide lentpemturett tire eerie]~ sliding the Upper lever to HEATER and the lower lever to ”UT IWill send heated air through the heater duets. and mute through the det'ro5ret' veltte. 1ip’ENT and HEATER are labeled ECONOMY positions because the air conditioner compressor doesn‘t run in these two setting. The; reduces engine lotto. resulling in improved fuel

economy. if either setting Fails to keep you enml'ortuhle.

or L'Jiutstih your windows to the up. .elide the upper lever to one ofthe Air Conditioning p05i1l0nfi.fir te DEF iDCfrUSl}.


The DEF setting, direett. mus! ul'lhe oil" through the dei'rotuer vents. and some through the heater ductv.


To quickly detail; the winduhieltL set the upper lever to DEF and move the fun awiteli to HI . Slide the lower lever to HUT.

ln Litiittjt. cool weather ttemperulttrei: :ihout 45"-h5"|‘. TU- lH'T'i. you earn Lth‘ iii-LEV to Llel'i'ng the hid? 1.t-‘inrltttvi.. Set the upper lever to BI-LLW' illld the fan switch In HI. Aim the aide venh toward the hide windows. For inerenuerl ttir lhuv to the Hide venth. Clout- the eeliler \rL'IEIIEi.

Rear Window Defogger tflptinni

The reur window Llel'u-gger uses a warming grid m relttttvl: I'tig I'mrtt [he rear window. In winter. it can also keep ice from Forming on the rear window.


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