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Voltage Indicator

What yuur tngim: in no! running, hul Ihe jgnjnon Is on [in the: "Run" pmilinnj. the guge Shnwt your battery's; state of dung: In DC 'I’E‘Jllh. Win-n |}IL' unginu in running. If": gage 5huw~i 111:: mmiilinn m" The charging system. Readings batween the red warning. aunt's, indireau: 1]]: numlal upcmling range.

Readings in eithtr red warning zone IndiL‘ulI: a pmsihll: problem an The clectn‘caf system. Huvu yuur vehicle

sen-iced Immediattiy.

Liftgatr: Ajar Warning Light (Wagon!


1111: "Tl-W. IT .GATF. 2U 4'54. R" light nu yuur 'aINI-umunl panel 1will cum: nn iFynur Iji'1gzllu is nnr L'nmplntely closed.


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