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dangerous. So please get In know your warning iights and gages. 'l‘hey're a big help.

Fuel Gage

Yeur fuel gage tells you aheul how much fuei you have left. when the ignition is en. F When the indicntnr

nears "E" [Empty]. you blill have a little E'uel lei'L hul you should gel more soon.

Et‘LEfl/i I


Here are four [hungr- tllat some owners an]: about. Name 0!" these r.httn'w u prflhlem with 1mm fuel gage and. are normal operating Characteristics:

At the service atalien. the gala pump nhutn off before the gage reads ”F" H-"ulljl.

h takeH 11 lillle more or Few fuel In H]! up than me gage indicated. For example. the gage may have indicated [he tank was half F111], but it actually 111-th a little man: [If lax-a 1mm half the tank‘s; capacity :0 fill the mm.

The gage rum-cs a little when you Iurn it corner.

speed up ur hrulte.

' The gage doesn'1 gn hack tn- "‘F." when you turn nff

the ignitinn.


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