Buick CENTURY 1994 Owner Manual

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HOW II] USE This Manual You will also filtfl a cimle with a slash through it in this

hunk, Matt}r people read Iheir owner's; manual from beginning to end when they first reteive their new vehicle. This This safet}r symbol means will help ynu learn ahuut Il'lf: I'caturuh' and unntmls Fur "Dnn'l." “Don't :10 this." [Elf ynur vehicle. In this manual. you'll find that piclures "Don‘t let this happen."

and words work together to explain things quickly.

Safety Warnings and Symhals

You will find a number of safety catttiom- in thii; batik. Wt: use a ham with gray background and the Wind CAUTION In tell you ahnul things that could hurt you if yuu were to :ignun: thu wanting.


In the gray caution area. we tell you whal the hazard is. Then we tell you what to do IE! 11pr amid tJT reduce Ihe hazard. Please read these cautians. Il‘ yuu den‘t. you ur others could he hurt.


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