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Outside Mirrors


Bout the drwer tutti mansenger Side nutsitiu mirrurrt shuuld ht.- udJLISIDd m that yuujust see the side of your vehicle and the turn hcltiltd _'\-'(}|.1T t'tlticlt: when you am: sitting in it cttntfnrlnhle driving mtsilittn.

Us: the mum: control knob on th' tiri't'tr'h dt‘mr tL't :Idjtttl the driver '5'. fluthidt: mirror. Adliuttl the patattenger‘tt outside mtrt'ur by hand.

Puwer tUpliun]

Hntlt 1h: ttht'cr'h' and optional puhfii‘l'lgfl'l' Side Ultlttsit‘lne minnrx; can be Ildjllhlfld with 1h: L'ttnlrtt-I Jun-tr [II] [he dri ver '2'» door.

Turn ihr: krtuh lct't (tr fight to telecl 1h: driver's nr wwwnger‘s mi: rm. Rotate tttt: knob [(1 ttdjtlhl the mirmr.

Adjual each mirror to That you can just see the side of yuur vclth‘lc and file area hchjnti your t-‘chiclc when you are sitting in a totttforttthle tiri witty, ptttt'tlion.

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