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If your headlights are on. but on low beam: The The wipers will stop after one cycle. If you want more Hyflltm works normally. Just pull the lever until it clicks. cycles. hold the lever do on to “MIST“ longer. Your headlights will shift to high beam and stay there.

. For stead - M in allow 5 eed. move the levermthc To return to low beam. Just pull the lever toward you. 2' P g 1::

"LOW" position. For high speed wiping. move the lever

Windshield Wipers l'ut'lhet'. up to "HIGH“ To stop the wipers, move the lever to "OFF."

Low Speed Delay Wipers (Option)

' '3; You can. no! the wiper speed for .1 long or short delay

' - between wipes. This can he very useful in light rain or snow. Move the lever to DELAY then. turn the band to choose the amount of delay.

You control the windshield wipers by moving the lover marked “WIPER.”

Fora single wiping cycle, mow.- 1he lever down to ”MIST." Hold it down until lhl: wipers. alert. then lat go.


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