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Turn Signal and Lane Change Indicatur

The turn signal has [we upward I'l'or Right] and two downward fl'nr Left} pneitinns. These ptrsilittne allow you to signal a lurn or a lane change.

To signal a turn. mute the lever all lhe way Up nr dnwn. When the turn is finished. the lever will return eutemutieeliy.

A green arrow on the inslrumenl panel will flash in the direction of the turn nr lane change.

Tn signal 3 Item: chatlge.ju51 raise or lower the lever until the green rtrmw starts tn flash. Hold it Ihere emit yen complete your lane change. The [ever will return by itself when you Teleu se it.

As. you signal a turn or a lane change. if the arrows rlen't [lash but just stay on. a signal bulb may be burned out and ether rim-m won‘t see your turn signal.

In hulh ix burned out. replace it to help ave-id an accident. Il'lht: green armws dun 'I go on at all when you signal .'1 mm, check the Fuse [see "Fuses" in the Index] and for burned-nut hull-re.


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