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Section D: Recommended Fluids and

Lllbl‘lCfllliS Hydraulic Brake Deleon Supreme i1an Brake Fluid NOTE: Fluids and lubricants identified below by name. 53mm [GM iPalnDG'lfmi'h L05? 3'15] "1' paxl number or specification may be obtained from your Equ'u E“ " ra at I“

GM dealer, Parking Brake Chassis lubricant meeting

Guides requirments of NLGI Grade 2.


Engine on GM Goodwrenei'l Motor on or ”mum” °'e‘1“i“a'e“”'

equivalent For API service 55 Power Steering, GM Hydraulic PoweISleeringFluid Energy»r Conserving LI oils of the Syslem [GM Pnri No. 1052884) or proper viscosity. The “SIG" equivalent.

deeignalim'l may he shown alone or _ m . in combination with odlers. such as Al'm'mm DEXRGN HE Automatic

"SGICC," “SGECDI' fir Transanle Transmission Fluid (GM Pan No. "sesacc," etc. To determine the 123453311m equitabl-

meme “5°05“? FD'FDFT‘FEF‘JC‘E'S Key Luci: win-acne with Muiti-Purpose “Eme- 59* EHE'“ 0" 1" The Cylinders Lubncnnl (GM Part No; 12345120). ay‘nlhe’tie SAE 5W~30 engine oil or

Engine Coolanl 5W5!) mixture ur waler {preferably 5mm“ '“hnflm {5” Pan N9- distilied‘i and good queliuI ethylene 10522“ ‘3' 105227??-

glyeol base antifreeze [GM Part No. A t mnt' En - 'I. 1052353 or equivalenil conforming Tr:r?3anl;c5i1ilr gin: o] lo GM Specification [325M or Linkage

approved recycled coolanl

mnforming to GM Specification 1325M.


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