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Fuses and Circuit Breakers

The wiring circuilh in yuur car an: I'Iruluclcd I'mrn short circuits by a combination of Film-2'5. L‘jrcuit breakers. and flibibk‘ Ultrmul links in [hr wiring iln‘L‘”. This grcally rcduuuri Ihr: chance “1' firm; canted h]; Ltlecrricztl problem;

BL' Hum lu us: [his L'urrucl I'usc. IJ' yuu L'VL'F hum: :1 problem on The road and don'1 have a spare Fuse. you ran "borrow" one oflhe idemical size and rating. J'u5l. pick 3mm; f'uulun: eJI' yn-ur cur Ihal ynu can gm aim-rig without -- Iike the radio or Cigarenfi' fighter -- and use i15- i‘ua'e. 11’ it is 01' [he ralur you nasal. Repiacc ll us :Clun m.- _'\.'UILl L'JJI'L

TH: “1146! plll‘lfll H10 [he Icfi OHM slewing L'u]un1|1.|lei:r the parking brake release lcvcr. Pul] the com- down to accus- :th I'm-cs.

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